• "The team at ASAEDU has continuously
    taken the utmost care for me."
  • ASAEDU will provide their students
    with a family away from home!
  • "With the help from ASAEDU I was able to
    obtain my Australian Permanent Residency."
  • ASAEDU will ensure that their schooling
    placements will lead students to success.
  • "The continual care from ASAEDU has allowed
    me to adapt to the environment in Australia and
    helped me understand my options for university."
  • ASAEDU's continual care ensures that a student
    will never be alone during their studies overseas.
  • "The warm, homely environment ASAEDU provides,
    allows me thrive and enables my parents to feel
    comfortable with their decision to let me study overseas."
  • We welcome you to our family at ASAEDU.

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