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Ao Shun Australia - Anna Pearce

Anna Pearce

Founder / CEO

About Anna Pearce

After arriving in Australia from China nearly 30 years ago and raising two daughters alongside her husband, it is safe to say that she is well aware of Australian culture, its schooling system but also the care necessary to be a successful agent.

While Anna has had many jobs and experience in all kinds of work, her passion lies with helping students be successful when they study abroad in Australia and this is evident through more than 15 years of being a homestay parent.

While she had initially started out by helping her relatives, more and more students began coming to her for advice and guidance. Her ultimate goal is to help students and provide them with a very happy, successful and enjoyable experience as they study abroad.

Family is at the heart of ASAEDU


is at the heart of ASAEDU

Family - the heart of life

At the heart of ASAEDU is a happy family. Both Anna's daughters are fine examples of educational success and social excellence.

At the centre of the culture that ASAEDU brings to your child is family, inclusion, acceptance and care.

When you choose to work with ASAEDU you choose excellence in all aspects of your child's experience in Australia. They become part of the family and are treated accordingly.

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