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It's a different sky
Study tour in Adelaide, Australia
"The world is so big, I want to see it."

Australia is part of Oceania and lies in the southern hemisphere. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. Australia is very different from China. In Adelaide it is summer right now and hot but in Foshan it's winter and very cold. When I came to Adelaide, everything was so new to me because I had never left my country before. It was a wonderful feeling to see foreigners in the street talking about the words in your textbook. Adelaide is a small city by the sea. Every morning, when the first light of the morning hits your face, you can breathe fresh air with the scent of sea water. Adelaide is a slow-paced city, and while walking in the thick shade of trees, the peaceful atmosphere cannot help but make people feel relaxed and happy. Walking in the street, you often see people's kind smiles. If you pat their pets, they will have a friendly chat with you.

In school, the students were as pure as angels. Although they were one year older than me, I felt that they were all more innocent than I am. Usually, they would squabble like primary school students, and they would do "bad things" like quietly taking your pencil case. But this behaviour just showed that they were more innocent. They didn't look like the "good students" we see in China, but they had different personalities and everyone was very different.

Adelaide is a small city with many admirable places. It's environmentally friendly, energy-saving, clean, it has big beautiful parks, all free of charge. When I left on the plane, I couldn't help thinking that the success of a country lies not only in how far it has developed, but also in how it should develop. Adelaide, you will always be in my heart!

Xuanyi (Andy) Li - Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, August 2018.

My allocated school was Prescott college. It was not big; there were only 300 pupils in the whole school. The school day consisted of eight classes, preceded by a prayer. Then I had three classes in succession. There was no break between them, but there was a 20 minute break between the third and fourth classes, and then two more classes without a break in between. Then it was time for lunch, which we brought ourselves. We usually had a sandwich. After lunch there were the last two classes, and after them we finished school. We usually left school at 3:30 p.m., which is obviously different from the finishing time in China. In Adelaide the students' were encouraged to make their own decisions and study their own interests. Whether you wanted to pursue an ordinary life or excellence, it was entirely your own choice.

This Adelaide school has a rich curriculum. In English class, we could make micro films, all of which were shot on campus. In math class, we did exercises. Maths in Australia is as simple as we were led to believe, and I had no difficulty in doing it. In science class, we did experiments. Science includes physics, biology and chemistry. We had no foundation classes, so it was hard to understand at times. In addition to these three subjects, there was also a variety of courses, such as a textile class in which we operated a textile machinery. We also had a carpentry class, in which I made a beautiful box. I learned to operate a machine to cut wood. In religion class, I learned about Christianity. The teachers there were very professional and patient. I was most impressed by the principal. He is a bit like Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter; a combination of scholar and magician. In him, I felt the heart of an educator and preacher, and a scholar with profound love.

My classmates in Adelaide were very friendly. My best friend was Mahdi. His best subject is sports, and he is a football star at school. Another friend is Vietnamese and his name is Sean. He is a science expert. When I had difficulties, they were very happy to help me. We often discussed our national culture and personal hobbies. Diversity and tolerance were the main theme there.

What impressed me most was the school bus driver. He was lovely. We had some discussions about customs and habits. Sometimes he taught me some new English words. He also sent me a book, and I thank him very much. I spent a short month at this Adelaide campus, and I felt the beauty and harmony of the city and experienced the joy of being part of a colourful and inclusive school. I also felt the care and love of every friend, teacher, classmate and especially of Anna and Tanya who helped me in my day to day life. They are close friends in a distant land. This was an unforgettable experience. There are a group of unforgettable people there.

Haoyang (Antony) Li - Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, August 2018.

Student Testimonials

I began studying at St Aloysius College in 2015 and now I am in year 12. Since my arrival, my agent Aunty Anna has taken great care of me. If it wasn't for her continual follow-up care, my parents would not have allowed me to study in Adelaide before I attend university. Aunty Anna has allowed me to adapt to the environment here and has helped me to understand my options for university study.
Sherry Shi, Xi'an
My name is Ling Zhang and I arrived in Adelaide in 2011 and studied Accounting. I received 5 extra points as accounting is a job on the Migration Occupations in Demand List and hence have been able to receive my permanent residency. Thanks to Aunty Anna's care and guidance, I was able to complete university, pass my IELTS exam and receive my permanent residency.
Ling Zhang,

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