Student / Parent Testimonials

Ao Shun Australia

Tom Huang

"My name is Tom Huang and I am from Shunde, Guangdong Province.

I am currently studying year 11 at Adelaide's Prince Alfred's College. I arrived in mid- 2014 and Aunty Anna has continuously taken the utmost care for me.

If she was not here, my parents wouldn't have had confidence in letting me study overseas."

Ao Shun Australia

Tony Huang (Tom's Dad)

I am Tom's father, a businessman in Zhongshan City, China. Our son's education has always been our first priority, and as Adelaide is such a beautiful and peaceful city suitable for studying, it met all of our requirements. The open communication and trust I have with Anna has provided my son with the opportunity to study overseas. Since my son has arrived in Adelaide and been under the guidance and care of Anna, he has grown into a mature and independent young man.

Sherry Shi

"My name is Sherry Shi and I am from Xi'an.

I began studying at St Aloysius College in 2015 and now I am in year 12. Since my arrival, my agent Aunty Anna has taken great care of me. If it wasn't for her continual follow-up care, my parents would not have allowed me to study in Adelaide before I attend university.

Aunty Anna has allowed me to adapt to the environment here and has helped me to understand my options for university study."
Ao Shun Australia

Sherry Shi's Mum

I am Sherry Shi's mother, a partner of a financial consulting company in Xi'an, China. Sherry's dream has always been to live in Australia. Through meeting Anna's daughter, Vanessa, when she came to Xi'an as an exchange student, I was able to meet Anna and I am very fortunate for this. Knowing Anna has allowed for Sherry's dream to come true as Anna was able to assist us through the necessary procedures for her visa and enrolment. Anna and her family are very friendly, warm-hearted and caring, so there was no doubt when trusting Anna to care for my daughter. They have taken such good care of Sherry while she has been studying in Adelaide.

Ao Shun Australia
Ao Shun Australia

Jenny Liao

"My name is Jenny Liao and I am from Guangzhou.

I am in year 10 at St Aloysius College. Since my arrival in late 2014 when I was 14 year old, Aunty Anna has been watching over me and has given me a warm family environment to thrive in.

Because of this, my parents do not worry as much and allow me to study in Adelaide."

Ao Shun Australia

(Jenny's Mum)

I am Jenny's mother. My husband and I hope to give Jenny the best possible education. We met Anna by chance in 2014 and entrusted Anna with the responsibility to help Jenny apply to study in Adelaide. Jenny is very happy to live in Anna's friendly and caring homestay family, and we would like to thank her from the bottom of our heart.


"My name is Lucy Li and I have arrived from Guangzhou. I am currently studying at St Aloysius College and am in year 10. When I arrived in mid- 2014 I was only 14 years old. It is because of my agent, Aunty Anna, which my parents felt comfortable letting me come here to study. I thank Aunty Anna for her consistent care which has given me a warm, safe feeling since I have arrived here."
Ao Shun Australia

Lucy's Mum

I am Lucy's mother, a teacher of a primary school in Guangzhou, China. We have invested a lot of time and energy in our daughter in hopes of providing her with the best education. As the secondary education in Australia is one of the world's leading educational systems, we decided to send Lucy to Australia. We feel so lucky to have met Anna as she has given great help to Lucy to enable her settle into the new environment. We are very appreciative of what Anna has done for Lucy.

Ao Shun Australia
Ao Shun Australia


"My name is Ling Zhang and I arrived in Adelaide in 2011 and studied Accounting. I received 5 extra points as accounting is a job on the Migration Occupations in Demand List and hence have been able to receive my permanent residency. Thanks to Aunty Anna?s care and guidance, I was able to complete university, pass my IELTS exam and receive my permanent residency."